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What is a Green Hotel

Is beneficial for these hotels to get certain certifications in order to be environmentally compliant.

Also called eco-hotel, a green hotel is a hotel that focusses on sustainability in its practices. It differentiates itself from other accommodations with its strong focus of reducing carbon emission, water usage, waste reduction and electricity usage, these type of hotels are trying to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible.

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Green Hotels most important practices

Some of the most important practices that distinguish green hotels from the rest of the accommodations!

01. Local and Biological Food

Green hotels support the local activities by providing to their client food that came from nearby farmers and breeders.

06. Rainwater Reuse

Necessary to do not waste water, green hotels prefer to collect rainwater and use it for their practices.

05. Recycled Energy

Most of green hotels have installed solar panels to recycle the light that came from the sun.

02. Bio Architecture

Hotels prefer the use of non-polluting materials and techniques that allow energy savings for their buildings.

03. Ecological Cleaning Products

Green hotels use safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients for their cleaning products that don't negatively impact the environment.

04. Recycling Materials

New use of waste materials after a recycling process.

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What is a Green Hotel

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