Sustainable Tourism

sustainable tourism

What is sustainable tourism?

This new type of tourism has become very important during these last years. Sustainable tourism becomes a priority for 72% of global travelers! It’s necessary to act during our travel holidays to make an important effort to support our planet and our society.

Here are 3 ways through which we can define ourself a sustainable tourism contributor:

– With us you can book Green Hotels!

You can find more than 8000 Sustainable Hotels all around the world certified by the most important Certification Bodies. Find out more information about Green Hotels.

We have selected sustainable hotels for conscious travelers like you!

Those types of accommodations work with the aim of providing a better world for the next generations! Their main actions are about:

  • – Saving energy and providing hot water through solar panels.
  • – Recycling paper and waste.
  • – Recycling water.
  • – Providing local and healthy food.
  • – Ecologic clean products.
  • – Bioarchitecture.

And a lot more aspects.

sustainable tourism

– For every booking, we plant trees, thanks to you!

Yes, you have understood, when you book through our site we will plant trees all around the world thanks to our reforestation partner.

Our objective is to reforest places in the world and help local communities in order to provide them food and work.

At the end of the month, we will provide a certification badge that came directly from our partner and certify the tree planting.

This it’s all thanks to you and your booking!

sustainable tourism

– For every booking, you will be able to donate to charity!

When your stay will begin we will send you an ecard that allows choosing the charity causes that you want to support, it can be a sustainable social cause, it’s all of your choices, do the best to help!

With a simple booking, you will help to plant trees and alleviating extreme poverty, fighting hunger and the extinction of endangered species, building houses for people, supporting medical researches with the target of creating a positive impact for our society and the planet.

sustainable tourism

This is a resume of what make us a sustainable tourism contributor! But now the contributor needs to be yours and you can start now by going to the Homepage and searching for your hotel for the next holidays. (If you need a tutorial you can click How to Book Hotels)

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