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How to Book Green Hotels

With Us

Also called eco-hotels, green hotels are hotels that focusses on sustainability in its practices.

It differentiates itself from other accommodations with its strong focus of reducing carbon emission, water usage, waste reduction and electricity usage.

These type of hotels are trying to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible. In this simple guide you will learn how to book green hotels through our site but remember, for every booking you will plant trees and be able to donate to charity.

So, let’s start to learn how to book green hotels with egonext!


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1- First step in How to book green hotels

First of all, you can use the search box on the homepage. Then you can see a bar composed of three parts: location, check-in and check-out and guests.

Fill all the informations and click on the search button.

2- Second Step in How to book green hotels

For the second step what you have to do is wait for the results and after some seconds a list of hotels will appear. Those hotels are automatically filtered by the distance, from the nearest to the center. You can see two boxes, green and orange boxes in the hotel layout.

The two boxes notice you that the reservation will allow you to plant trees all around the world and support charitable causes that you care most, it’s our mission to help the planet and our society, to create a better world!

3- Third Step in How to Book Green Hotels

Now, you can:

  • Surf the results or select filters to choose your preferred hotel.
  • Search for your green hotel by clicking on the blue filter titled “Sustainable Hotels” in the left side of the page.

If you choose for the last option you will be able to filter only certified green hotels that commit to help our world by using recycled paper, solar panel, recycled water and a lot more.

You can be sure that they are green hotels if there is a blue box titled “Sustainable Hotel” that appear in the hotels layout.

4- Fourth Step in How to Book Green Hotels

Choose your preferred hotel, click on the “Select Room” button and you will be redirected to the hotel page where you can see hotel photos, rooms description, and images, hotel description, point of interest and TripAdvisor reviews.

5- Fifth Step in How to Book Green Hotels

Select the room that best fits your comfort by looking at information and included services.

When you are ready to book you can click on the “Book Now” button and you will be redirected to the hotel confirmation page.

Fill all the information required, check the details and the hotel instructions and click on the “Confirm Booking” at the end of the page. It redirects you to Razorpay that will process with SSL Encryption the payment that you gonna make. 

In the end, you will get an email of confirmed booking that you can show at the hotel during the check-in. Meanwhile, we take care of planting trees thanks for your booking and when your stay will begin we will send you an E-Card that allows you to choose the charity causes you want to support!

That’s all!

Have a good green and charity booking with us!

how to book Green Hotels

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